The Rev. Mark Andrew Jones, BSG

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As many of you know, I am a life-professed friar in the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory. Gregorians gather each summer for our annual convocation. It is a time of worship, prayer, and fellowship - a spiritual retreat in the Hudson River Valley of New York. 


I will be away from Monday, July 17th, through Sunday, July 23rd. I will have limited access to phone and email. Fortunately, if you need anything, we have great people in the parish. In addition to the services of several retired priests, our parish administrator, Mark Ferrera, is a tremendous help. Mark usually can connect you with the answer or resource you might need. Mark can be reached in the church office at 954-942-5887.


Soli Deo Gloria,

Mark Andrew+

7/6//17 DS


Retired Associate Clergy

The Rev. Roger G. Allee

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Associate Clergy

The Rev. R. Gerard Klingenberg

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Director of Music/Organist

Norman Danzis


Parish Administrator

Mark Ferrera

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Chuck Bundesen


Bob Reid

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Dawn Smith

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