The Rev. Mark Andrew Jones, BSG

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My Dear Friends in Christ,


This Sunday we'll hear about the servants who were entrusted with one, two, and five talents. Most of us might see ourselves as "one talent" people and make unhealthy (and, I dare say, unholy) comparisons to the two and five talent people. In this way, we can be tempted to discount our gifts and our value. Don't do that and don't rationalize not being active, risk-taking servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. You can make a difference, especially when combining your talents with others. That's when the Church really is at its most strongest presence as the Body of Christ in the World. 


Don't prejudge what you can accomplish. Remember, you are graced to be a blessing to others. Let God judge what you're capable of doing. Get involved in ministry and enter into God's joy.


In Christ's Love,

Mark Andrew+



11/16/17 DS